More Great Tools For Job Seekers (And Others)

Whether you’re searching for a job or just looking for ways to be more productive on a daily basis, here are more tools I use and highly recommend:


If you have ever agonized over when you will receive that “critical” email—which causes you to check your inbox every five minutes—you will love AwayFind. It allows you to connect one or more email addresses and specify your most important people and email domains (

Whenever you get an email from someone on the list, you will get a text message or smartphone push alert, depending on your settings. It’s a great feeling that frees you up to focus on something else besides your inbox. Cost: Free and paid versions


Need to schedule a quick reminder to yourself or someone else? FollowUpThen is great, because it works straight from your email inbox. Just by sending an email, you will set a reminder for a day later, two weeks, one month…whatever you’d like!

You can choose to remind just yourself or other recipients as well. This is excellent for reminding people about appointments or calls on the right day, for example. Other neat feature includes the ability to send recurring reminders and email attachments. Cost: Free and paid versions


This is a wonderful tool for tracking your business relationships. It was made for active job seekers, but even “passive” job seekers can benefit from using the system. According to Jason, passive job seekers become active seekers every three to five years! JibberJobber is much better than a bunch of spreadsheets or notes on your hard drive. It allows you to keep track of the information you collect during a job search, such as the target companies to which you apply. You can also log the status of each application (date of first interview, date of thank you letter sent, etc.). Cost: Free and paid versions

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