Track Backlinks With OpenLinkprofiler

Getting quality backlinks to your website is essential for search engine optimization. So how do you know who is linking to you or your competitors?

OpenLinkprofiler will give you the intelligence you need on the backlinks for any website. Find out things like:

  • Exactly how many backlinks a site has (up to 200,000 per domain)
  • A quality score for each link, including any suspicious links
  • The most popular anchor texts (i.e., keywords used in the links)
  • Which pages on your site have the most backlinks
  • Link alerts: Sign up for a daily email with any new backlinks that point to your website

Cost: Free; the company also offers a premium product, Seoprofiler,  that ranges from $49-$999/month

Free Apps To Enhance Your Website

Do you have a website? If so, you’ll appreciate Filament. It is a collection of free widgets you can add to any website in minutes, using drag-and-drop tools.

Filament provides easy ways to:

  • Help visitors share your content more easily
  • Increase your social following
  • Add Google Analytics code to your site

Some of the current Filament apps include:

  • Passport: Increase your social following
  • Flare: A customizable social sharing bar that displays your personal links in one place
  • Mailchimp: Embed email subscriber forms in your site

Filament continues to add new apps to the lineup as well.

Cost: Free

Easy Shared Calendars

If you need a shared calendar for your company, a client or group, Teamup Calendar is a great option. It is different from other calendar systems, with no one required to have a user account. It also offers a simple way to share multiple calendars with a single “secret” link.

Teamup Calendar offers other helpful features including:

  • Creating multi-colored calendars with unlimited users
  • Setting up password protection if necessary
  • Saving events to GCal, Outlook and .ics files for Mac
  • Making recurring events
  • Embedding calendars into websites, blogs and Facebook pages

Cost: Free (up to five calendars or 10 with an “introductory special”) along with premium versions for $96/year and $240/year

Get Information On Apartments And Properties

Searching for a new apartment or condo? Get a lot of useful information about specific properties and the neighborhoods they are in using AddressReport.

It’s being described as “Carfax for rentals,” with lots of information about complaints, noise issues and more. At a glance, find plenty of useful information about demographics, crime, typical commute times and other information to help guide your next move. You just need the address for any condo, co-op or apartment. It works for any residential address, although there are no detailed reports for single family homes.

Cost: Free

Track Any Website’s Changes

If you want to keep track anytime a website changes, use Monitorbook.

It will let you know when a price changes on a product you want on Amazon, for example—or when a competitor updates key information on their site.

Cost: Free and premium pricing (not yet posted), depending on how many events you need to track

Schedule Appointments Within Gmail

Scheduling a meeting with someone can be such a pain…resulting in a lot of back-and-forth emails just to figure out each other’s schedules. solves this dilemma, allowing you to easily schedule meetings when you compose an email! It is an addition to personal and corporate Gmail and Google Calendar accounts. Once installed, with just a few clicks inside an email, you can select up to three adjacent days of availability on your calendar. After clicking “insert times in email,” your recipient will get a link asking them to pick a time that works. will send you and your recipient an email when an event has been scheduled or rescheduled.

Best of all, your recipient doesn’t have to sign up for anything—and they can use any calendar system (Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) on any device (Android, iPhone, etc.).

Right now, only works for scheduling a meeting between two people—but they are working on group scheduling.

A few other features provides:

  • It continually monitors your availability and will work with your recipient to find a commonly available time (even one you suggested that is no longer available)
  • It remembers your most common meeting locations and availability, so you can schedule a meeting quickly
  • It will automatically detect and convert your recipient’s time zone

Cost: Free while in beta

Get Competitive Insights On Any Website

If you want to easily “spy” on your competitors’ websites, SiteAlerts is a great tool for this. With it, you can instantly find out who is referring traffic to your competitors, what keywords they are ranking for, related sites, social referrers and recent online mentions.

Cost: Free for your site and one competitor’s site; $10/month for 10 tracked sites; $100/month for 250 tracked sites

Send push Notifications From Your Website

You know those “push” notifications you get on your phone and on your computer? The ones that pop up that you cannot ignore?

Image having the ability to send out push notifications from your own website — such as every time you publish a new blog post.

That is what Roost enables. When you install it on your site, visitors will have the chance to opt-in to receive push notifications from you. Currently, Roost only supports the Safari browser in OS Mavericks, but they are adding support for  Chrome and Firefox push notifications soon.

After your notifications go out, if someone misses it, it will remain in their Notifications center until they clear it.

You can set up Roost to automatically send a push notification when you publish a new post. Or you can login to Roost and send a notification anytime.

Cost: Free for 100,000 web push notifications/month; premium option of $29/month for 1 million notifications, plus the ability to send geo-targeted messages to your audience