10 Dumb Things People Do When They’re Low On Dough

>Note: This is a guest column by Matthew Lesko. Matthew is a New York Times Best Selling author and entrepreneur. He’s written over 100 books and is a past columnist for Good Housekeeping Magazine, The New York Times Syndicate and The Chicago Tribune.

1) Pay Money To Someone Who Promises You A Better Job

Your State’s Attorney General’s office and your local One-Stop Career Center can tell you what is good or bad about these organizations and can help you get a job…watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/workforce_development.php

2) Give Money To Someone To Teach You How To Work At Home

You can contact you local Business Development Center who will help you start any business for free…watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/columbus_sbdc.php

3) Pay Money To Someone Who Promises You A Grant

The only people who can promise you a grant are the people giving out the money and they don’t charge..watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/state_help.php

4) Get Help From Someone Who Advertises They Will Cut Your Credit Card Debt

Anyone advertising has to get money from you to pay for their advertising. Professionals get government money to offer this service for free but don’t advertise… watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/free_independent.php

5) Pay To Have Someone Write Your Resume

Why pay there there are thousands of offices around the country where you can get help doing this for free… watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/montgomery_country_workforce.php

6) Pay Someone To Write A Grant Application If You Are NOT a Non-Profit

Most applications for free money are only a few pages of fill in the blanks.  If you are a non-profit, watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/state_help.php 

7) Don’t Go See A Doctor Because You Lost Your Job And Health Insurance

Most city, county and state governments have programs for people needing health care… watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/montogomery_health.php

8) Pay Money To Take A Training Course If You’re Unemployed

Every state offers training money to get you a better job… watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/montgomery_country_workforce.php

9) Pay For Your Prescription Drugs

You can be making $40,000 a year or more and get free prescription drugs… watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/justlikeyou.php 

10) Pay An Invention Company To Work On Your Idea

These people are likely to get $10,000 from you before they are done—or you can use free experts plaid by the government…. watch this video: http://www.myamericanbenefitsplan.com/columbus_sbdc.php

Brandon Uttley is a seasoned web marketing and public relations professional with three decades of experience.

Currently, he is CEO of Go For Launch, which provides marketing strategy and communications support to companies ranging from startups to established entities.

Prior to his current roles, Uttley cofounded and was CEO of Command Partners, a digital marketing agency. He also confounded and was president of carbonhouse, inc., a nationally recognized web design firm.

Uttley also served as director of public relations at Luquire George Andrews for five years, and an account manager at Epley Associates/Public Relations for three years. Brandon was the 2009 president of the Charlotte chapter of Public Relations Society of America, and he is an accredited member of PRSA National.

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