Schedule Meetings More Easily With Doodle


Doodle lets you schedule meetings with people more easily.

We all know the hassle of composing an email, jumping back and forth between your calendar several times to find a few open slots, and suggesting your best times to someone else—then getting a reply that none of the dates work for them—then starting the process all over…

Doodle cuts down on all that back-and-forth, wasted time. You start by filling out a short form with the name of your event, the location and your name and email address. Click a bunch of dates you would like to meet and the proposed times for each day. Then you can create either a basic poll or one with a few more options, such as whether respondents can pick more than one option, and whether all responses are confidential. Finally, you send the poll using your own email address or through a free Doodle account. After everyone on the list indicates their availability, the best date “wins” and your meeting is set.


To make it even easier as the meeting organizer, you can connect your calendar (Outlook 2007 and 2010 on Windows; Google Calendar; Apple iCal and a few others). There is a mobile version and an iPhone app.

Finally, you get a personal MeetMe page you can direct people to when they want to request a meeting with you (here’s mine).

Cost: Free and premium accounts (pricing not available on their website)

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Follow-Up Efforts With Postwire


Postwire allows you to create personalized, private “resource” web pages. For example, Postwire is perfect for sharing specific sales materials with a prospect; welcome documents and training videos for a new customer; or support information for customers. Instead of having a trail of unconnected emails, you can keep everything in one place as you communicate with your contacts.With a Postwire account, you can share many types of files including Word documents, images, web links, videos and PDFs.


Collections in Postwire are where you organize and manage your content. You can add content to your collections through the Postwire website, via an iPhone app, an Outlook plugin or a browser bookmarklet.

You then create a Page to share content with an individual or group. Everything you shared with someone is tracked, and you will get an email notification when a recipient opens and views what you’ve shared.

In addition, if you use a marketing automation or analytics system, you can automatically add a tracking code to every page you share. Every page viewed on your Postwire pages will then be tracked just like your website pages.

Cost: Free (up to 5 pages); $9/month (10 pages); $19/month (unlimited pages)