Clean Up Your Twitter Account With ManageFlitter


Need to clean up your Twitter followers? ManageFlitter is the place to do it.

This site let’s you quickly unfollow fake accounts or people who are not following you back. There is also powerful search feature that lets you find people by keywords in their profile and follow them.


ManageFlitter includes some Twitter analytics on your followers which are marginally interesting (such as who followed or unfollowed you), but I don’t consider them essential.


Perhaps the best semi-hidden feature is the ability to automatically cross post from your Google+ account to Twitter (with a Pro account). For those of you who think Twitter is becoming less effective (I do), this will help you focus more of your time in Google+.

Cost: Free to $12/month for one Twitter account; additional pricing plans for more accounts are available 

Best Tools To Create Photo Collages

Looking for a quick and easy way to create a photo collage? PicFrame is the best app for this and is available for iPhone and Android phones.

It features lots of effects, frame shapes and patterns, as well as sharing to other applications (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email).


Cost: $0.99

Over iPhone app

What if you want to add a captioned font onto a photo? Over is hands-down the best app for the iPhone (I don’t know the best app for Android users—sorry). It’s fun to use, offers wonderful fonts and lots of ways to share your photos.

Cost: $1.99

Google Creative Kit

If you want to add free caption overlays to photos online, use Google’s Creative Kit, which is baked into Google+. You will need to create a Google account and upload images to Google+.

Save Web Pages Intact For Reference Using

I’m a big fan of online bookmarking apps that let you save web addresses and such. But most of these only save the link and not the actual page as you originally found it. That’s too bad, because sometimes you really want to refer back to a killer design or an article that may disappear weeks or month later.

Fortunately, there’s a site that will save full pages for you called It’s free and requires the Chrome browser. Any time you come across a page you want to save, you just use their Chrome extension or bookmarklet and pick the image you want to represent it with. You can also add a comment and choose a collection to put it into for easy sharing and retrieval later. looks remarkably similar to Pinterest.

You can also share your Bo.lted sites to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Buffer and Pinterest.

Cost: Free

Book Corporate Calls And Meetings With Timetrade


Timetrade is a different way to book appointments at the corporate level. It’s a very slick online appointment scheduling system for setting up meeting or calls with new sales prospects, accelerating the sales and customer service process and making it easy and fast to interact with customers.

Timetrade lets all authorized employees integrate their calendars with the scheduling system. You can also specify scheduling “rules” using an Appointment Router to match the best person in the company to handle a specific request.


After embedding a scheduling button on your website, your customers and prospects can use it to easily request a meeting. All the right people are notified, and Timetrade emails a confirmation to everyone once an appropriate mutual date is selected.


Timetrade has a mobile app, integration with Salesforce and marketing automation services and more features, making it a very attractive productivity tool for businesses.

Cost: Free for 1 users (5 appointments per month); professional versions ranging from $49-$99/month+