Access Multiple Cloud Storage Sites Using Jolidrive

Are you using more than one cloud-based storage service? Wouldn’t it be nice to access them all from one dashboard?

That is exactly what Jolidrive does. It connects to every service you use, from Dropbox to Google Drive, Flickr, Instagram, Box, YouTube and many more. It then brings all your content together into one interface that you can access from any device.

Once you connect your various accounts, Jolidrive can find any file regardless of where it is stored.

Jolidrive also features tools to view photos, play videos and edit documents. You can  read articles saved in Pocket and use Exfm as a virtual jukebox.

Create A Web Page Fast With Checkthis

Checkthis bills itself first and foremost as an iPhone app for creating and sharing posts with multiple photos. It does this well, but it is perhaps even better at helping you create and share web pages very quickly.

Making a page in Checkthis is super easy, and you can choose to add it to your Facebook timeline when you publish. Pages can be set to expire in a week, a month or never. You can also create a vanity URL like A timeline appears with each page, showing a real-time feed of reactions including views, likes, comments, mentions on Twitter and more.

Advanced Business Card Scanning With ScanBizCards

Got piles of business cards you need to do something about? Do you dread having to input them manually into your contacts database?

ScanBizCards is a great app for iOS, Android and Windows devices (along with a companion website) to solve this problem for you.

ScanBizCards goes beyond other apps that simply scan in the information from a business card so you can create a new contact record. While it does this with ease, it offers a host of other options, including:

  • Scan cards on the go with their smartphone app, then scan or edit the contact details later while sitting at your computer
  • Choose to add them instantly to your phone’s address book, or wherever your default contacts reside (like iCloud)
  • Use their WebSync online backup service to save your scanned business card images and contact information online, so you can access them from anywhere
  • Export scanned cards directly into Salesforce as new Leads or Contacts from within the app
  • Take pictures of business cards with any camera or a flatbed scanner, then upload and scan these images online using WebSync
  • Import and export business cards to Evernote
  • Transfer cards between your different mobile devices (iPad, Android, iPhone), and also between different versions of the app (lite and premium)
  • Use a Dymo CardScan device and sync your cards with your mobile phone
  • View your cards in new ways using an online Map View (in beta)

Cost: The iPhone app is currently discounted to $3.99. Purchase the iPad version, ScanBizCards HD ($9.99 USD) and get 1 year of WebSync free. The pricing for Websync is $0.99 USD per month or $9.99 USD for a full year.

Thanks to Garth Moulton and Michael Barclay of ScanBizCards for turning me on to the product.

Get A Fake Phone Number With Burner

Speaking of faking people out, you can get temporary phone numbers for iPhone and Android. Use these for both incoming and outgoing voice calls. You can add each “burner” as a contact and even create custom voicemail messages. This app is ideal during Craigslist or Airbnb exchanges, and for avoiding nagging merchants and other questionable types.

Cost: Free temporary test “burner” plus credit packs available from $1.99-$11.99 (note: “burners” do use cell phone minutes also)

Online Learning Made Easy With Grovo

Want to improve your Internet skills quickly? is one of the best places I know to do it. It is a Web-based training platform that teaches with bite-sized video lessons. Each is just 60-seconds long, with short multiple-choice quizzes at the end to test your knowledge. Lessons are also supported with downloadable PDFs and time-synced transcripts.

Grovo features over 3,500 video lessons covering more than 100 Internet tools and cloud services, with about 15 new lessons added daily.

While it’s great for individuals, they also offer Grovo for Teams. This helps organizations train their employees on the top Internet tools, sites and trends. There are advanced reporting features for team administrators.

Cost: There is a free limited version along with unlimited pricing starting at about $7.50-$15.95/month for individuals, and about $14-$17 per user/month depending on the number of users (see individual pricing page and team pricing).

Use the following discount code to get 25% off Grovo’s yearly plan: welcome25pro