Month: May 2014

Set Up Free Event Pages with

  Make a simple RSVP page for your event with You’ll need a Twitter account to sign in. Then, simply create and share your event. You can use the Markdown language to add formatting, links and other elements, along with things like a hashtag and an invitation for guests to join your newsletter. Cost: Free

Send SMS and Voice Reminders

If you want a better way to remind clients about upcoming appointments,JustRemindIt is an excellent system. It let’s you schedule and send automated reminders by voice or text message.And by clients, that could mean many people: Colleagues you work with (who are forgetful) Clients you serve through your business Prospects you are meeting with Family members (such …

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Find Someone’s Email Address With Rapportive

By now, you may already know about Rapportive. It’s a great addition to a Gmail account (or Google apps email). At a glance, it will give you links to your contacts’ social media sites and even a few of their recent updates. But what I really love Rapportive for is its slightly-hidden secret in helping you discover virtually anyone’s email …

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