Month: August 2014

Take And Share Meeting Notes

I think most meetings are poorly documented. One reason is that everyone takes their own notes—if they bother to take notes at all. Rarely does the group pool their notes, and most importantly agree on what the next steps, action items and responsibilities are. is a tool that makes meetings more productive. Just designate a …

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Document And Share Your Standard Operating Procedures

Successful entrepreneurs know they should work on their business more than they work in their business. That means documenting what you do, and how you do it—and then empowering others to do much of the day-to-day work so you can tackle larger issues. SweetProcess lets you document the repetitive steps you take to get your products and services ready to ship, so someone …

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Affordable SEO

If you are baffled by search engine optimization (SEO)—or think that the process has to cost a fortune, consider Positionly (affiliate link). It makes it easy to track, manage and identify the most optimal search phrases for your company. Positionly provides a great user interface, and it integrates with Google Analytics—so you can get all the important metrics you …

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Set An Online Timer

Need to set a quick countdown timer while you’re working at your computer? Check out e.ggtimer. This site lets you quickly set an alert, whether for a few seconds or a few hours. You can change the alert type (beep or ring), the volume and whether to display a pop-up when the timer ends. Cost: Free

Learn The Onboarding Process For Top Sites

How simple is the “onboarding” process for your website? Does it turn your new users into raving fans, or cause them to post nasty rants about you on Twitter? Learn the onboarding process used by some of the best websites and apps with User Onboarding. The site features a number of “teardowns” (step-by-step breakdowns of the signup …

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Fix Your Site With The Web Developer Checklist

Designing a new website? Need to improve the one you have? The Web Developer Checklist will help you do things the right way…from fixing broken links, ensuring your content is found by search engines and making your site mobile friendly. Cost: Free

Email and CRM In One System

If you have limited time and money to invest in both email marketing and a CRM system, you’ll want to check out Fanbase. It combines the best elements of email campaign management (think Mailchimp or Constant Contact) and CRM (like Salesforce), at very affordable prices. Already using another email system? No problem—you can import your records from a …

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Search For Hashtags Across Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and More

  Yes, it is easy to make fun of hashtags. However, they are everywhere and can be useful to keep tabs on topics that matter to you and your business. Tagboard is an central “hashtag hub” that searches for hashtags across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Google+ and With an account, you can define hashtags. You …

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Great Web Stats At A Glance

SimilarWeb gives you a wealth of information about a website’s visitors. Look at your company, a client or a competitor’s site, or compare several side-by-side. You’ll also get a snapshot of similar sites and a neat “topic cloud” that will give you a glimpse on the most important topics for a given site (great for SEO …

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