Take And Share Meeting Notes

I think most meetings are poorly documented. One reason is that everyone takes their own notes—if they bother to take notes at all. Rarely does the group pool their notes, and most importantly agree on what the next steps, action items and responsibilities are.

Minutes.io is a tool that makes meetings more productive. Just designate a “minute taker,” and use Minutes’ simple interface to capture the discussion. It’s tablet-friendly and can be used offline in case your meeting room lacks Internet access.

As you type, you can choose from four basic types of notes: Todos, Info, Ideas and Decisions. With each entry, you can optionally assign an “owner” and a due date. After the meeting, simply enter attendees’ email addresses to send each a copy.

Cost: Free; there is no initial signup necessary, but make sure you set up an account the first time you use it so you can access your minutes later.

Document And Share Your Standard Operating Procedures

Successful entrepreneurs know they should work on their business more than they work in their business. That means documenting what you do, and how you do it—and then empowering others to do much of the day-to-day work so you can tackle larger issues.

SweetProcess lets you document the repetitive steps you take to get your products and services ready to ship, so someone else can do them. You can do this with “one-off” task lists, or group them together in a sequence.

Think of it as an app for all of your Standard Operating Procedures. Now you’re free to focus on growing your business.

One of the key benefits of SweetProcess vs. static task lists is the ability to track your teammates’ progress as they work on specific assignments.

The most active users of SweetProcess are entrepreneurs with established businesses who have more than three in-house, full-time employees. I also think this is a great tool to use with virtual assistants and freelancers.

Cost: $19/$39/$99/month (based on the number of procedures and users).

SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER: Sign up free here, then send an email to owen@sweetprocess.com and include the referral code Orange. This will get you an additional 14 days during the free trial, extending it to 28 days.

Affordable SEO

If you are baffled by search engine optimization (SEO)—or think that the process has to cost a fortune, consider Positionly (affiliate link). It makes it easy to track, manage and identify the most optimal search phrases for your company.

Positionly provides a great user interface, and it integrates with Google Analytics—so you can get all the important metrics you need in one dashboard.

You can also monitor your competitors’ performance, as well as get email alerts and customized reports.

Cost: $19/$49/$99+/month, depending on the number of sites, keywords, competitors tracked and backlinks; discount of 15% for six months prepaid

Editorial Calendar For WordPress

If you want to improve your blogging performance, you’ll likely need an editorial calendar. This will help you and your team plan ahead, stay focused and keep track of articles from idea to final publication.

CoSchedule is a editorial calendar for WordPress. With it, you can schedule posts and easily drag and drop them around on the calendar. What’s neat is you can also schedule social posts within WordPress, so you don’t have to sweat those details later when posts go live.

Cost: $10 per month per WordPress blog (unlimited users and social accounts)