Month: September 2014

Download And Store Important Documents with FileThis

FileThisFileThis a service that goes out and grabs documents from your various online accounts and stores them in one place. For example, it can automatically retrieve your online statements, bills and other documents from companies like American Express, Chase, Amazon, and many more, saving you time from logging into the sites individually or hunting down email …

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What WordPress Theme Is A Site Using?

Have you ever run across a WordPress-based website and wished you could find out what theme it was using? WhatTheme does this. Just type in the site’s address, and if there’s information about the site’s theme, it will appear on screen. If not, sign up for an email alert if WhatTheme can find it. Cost: Free

Collaborative Online Whiteboards

Plain old physical whiteboards are OK…but the information captured on them during a meetings is fleeting. Even if you take a picture of the board, it’s not terribly useful later. What if you could create a collaborative online whiteboard instead? That’s the premise of Murally. It’s a cloud-based, interactive board. Murally allows people to create and …

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Track Online Statistics From Over 100 Sites

These days, you’re crazy not to be tracking the stats on how people engage with your company online. Increasingly, this is happening on multiple devices, with data that could impact many systems, from your CRM to your ecommerce platform, email marketing system, etc. Getting all those systems to “talk” to each other in real-time used …

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Get Summaries of The Best Tech and Startup Newsletters

Want to keep up with all the latest tech news but feel overwhelmed at the volume? Summalist summarizes 30 of the best technology and startup newsletters in one curated, weekly email. Examples include articles sifted from Makeshift, Buffer and Quibb. Cost: $5/month 

Inspiring Email Templates

Sometimes, writing a great email is hard…and you need a little inspiration. When you find yourself stumped for what to say, turn to Really Good Emails. This resource, courtesy of the fine folks at Mailchimp, features many of the best emails in over 15 categories. Topics range from onboarding/welcome emails, to newsletter, promotions and more. Cost: …

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Reference Letter Templates

Ever needed to write a letter of recommendation for someone and found yourself stumped on what to say? Reference Letter is a great place to start. It’s a helpful template for creating recommendations for job applications, university applications and other general uses. Cost: Free