An App To Store Your Warranties

Who likes sending in warranty cards with new purchases? I never do! But I always think it would be nice to know about critical product updates or recalls, without feeling like I have to “give up” my personal information to get it.

Bawte (pronounced “bought”) solves this dilemma. It’s a way to take a personal inventory of your stuff and get important notifications. And you can do this for items you already own, not just new purchases.

Some of the neat features of Bawte, available as an app for iPhone and Android, include:

  • Find instructions for your TV and other devices
  • Get links to videos on how to install or clean items
  • Get push notifications for recalls, specific to products you own
  • If you do know your warranty date, you can register it and be notified before it expires
  • Store digital receipts of your purchases

Bawte also offers free support to help find answers about products or point you to the right resources.

Cost: Free