In Praise of Analog

So much of our lives now are lived digitally. We’re reading emails. We’re streaming videos. We’re consuming social media. We’re surfing Web pages. We’re talking to our stoic companion Alexa, asking what the weather is like outside and who won the game. All that is great—the technology I mean. We have so much at our fingertips. It can be empowering. But.

Rule No. 1 in Branding: Face-to-Face Presentations Matter

Part of the communications business I play in involves branding—the art of helping companies convey their essence to the world. It starts with a logo, an identity…but of course it extends to much more than that. Good companies that become great companies owe much of their success to their brand–the collective presentation of who they …

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“Is my website down?”

When somebody in your office (or maybe a client of yours) starts complaining that their website is down, calmly check it using Isup. Enter the URL, and it will tell you whether it’s down for just them…or everyone. Put a big smile on your face when you say, “Sorry, Dick/Jane, it’s just you.” Cost: Free …

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