Project Management For Teams

Asana is an attractive and user-friendly project management system, with great mobile apps to complement the web-based version. Cost: Free for up to 15 members with unlimited teams, projects and tasks. Premium accounts range from $50-$800/month depending on the features.

Need To Add A Fun Text Character To A Tweet, Email Or Web Page?

Looking for a fun “hidden” character to use in an email or tweet? ☺ How about sprucing up your LinkedIn bio with a few symbols? ♥ Copy Paste Character provides dozens of characters, and as the name suggests—you just copy and paste these wherever you like. Sign up for an account to create favorite sets of characters. Naturally, …

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Match Up Email Addresses With A Ton of Personal Data

Rapleaf lets you find out a lot of information about people on your email list. You can choose to get data in several dozen categories. This includes details about: Demographics Household Data Personal Interests Purchase Data With this type of intelligence, you can start to personalize content for your customers. Cost: Minimum $50; use their pricing calculator

Preview Your Email Layouts On More Than 30 Email Clients

Litmus will let you check your email campaigns on more than 30 email clients and mobile browsers. You can also add small snippets of code to your outbound emails to get more advanced analytics such as how many people deleted your emails (vs. just opened them) and whether someone forwarded or printed them. Cost: $49-$299/month

Check Email Address Validity With BriteVerify

Use BriteVerify to check the validity of your email addresses. According to Adam Holden-Bache of email marketing firm Mass Transmit, removing bad addresses will help with deliverability. “ISPs will mark emails as junk or spam if they see too many being sent to bad or invalid email addresses,” Holden-Bache says. “Using this system to purge bad data …

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Get Alerts With Someone Pins Your Images

Got cool images or infographics on your website? Great! Now you can use Pinalerts to get notified when someone pins something from your site. This is a good way to instantly thank people and suggest other boards you have that they may want to follow. Cost: Free