Create A Shareable Resume Online

Need a fresh way to present your resume? Represent will help you create an attractive, sharable online resume fast. Features include: Choose from several digital resume designs Get built-in analytics so you will know how many times your resume has been viewed and clicked Ensure your resume looks goods on desktops, laptops and mobile devices Share your resume through email, …

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Send Video Messages To Customers and Prospects

You love sending short videos messages to friends and family…so why not try the professional equivalent by sending videos to your customers or prospects? Vsnap is an app for iPhone and Android that let’s you create and send short, personal video messages.The company claims that when you reach a customer using Vsnap, that person takes action 40% more than …

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Get Information On Apartments And Properties

Searching for a new apartment or condo? Get a lot of useful information about specific properties and the neighborhoods they are in using AddressReport. It’s being described as “Carfax for rentals,” with lots of information about complaints, noise issues and more. At a glance, find plenty of useful information about demographics, crime, typical commute times …

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Custom Email Footers For Gmail

Now you can add customer footers to Gmail with EmailFooterApp. It’s a Chrome extension that lets you add tailored footers to the e-mails you send. In other words, you can create various templates to enhance your email “signoffs,” whether for sales, branding or calls-to-action. Cost: Free while in beta

Schedule Appointments Within Gmail

Scheduling a meeting with someone can be such a pain…resulting in a lot of back-and-forth emails just to figure out each other’s schedules. solves this dilemma, allowing you to easily schedule meetings when you compose an email! It is an addition to personal and corporate Gmail and Google Calendar accounts. Once installed, with just …

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Get Competitive Insights On Any Website

If you want to easily “spy” on your competitors’ websites, SiteAlerts is a great tool for this. With it, you can instantly find out who is referring traffic to your competitors, what keywords they are ranking for, related sites, social referrers and recent online mentions.Cost: Free for your site and one competitor’s site; $10/month for 10 tracked …

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