Communicate With Colleagues Using Cotap


Cotap provides an easy way to communicate with your colleagues through mobile messaging. It’s a simple and secure app for sending individual and group text messages, without having to worry about collecting personal mobile phone numbers.
Cotap automatically creates a directory as coworkers join, so it’s easy to find people when you need to reach them. You can also choose to sync to your mobile phone’s contacts, which will let you send messages to customers or business connections.
When someone messages you, you will get a push notification.
You can also connect to your calendar in order to have conversations with past or future meeting participants.
Cotap offers a business version with more features. These add the ability to:
  • Create custom mobile push notifications
  • Analyze usage and engagement
  • Get enhanced administrative controls
Cotap is available as a free app for iPhone and Android.
Cost: Currently free to download the app; additional pricing information has not been announced.