Try Dispatch For Group Emails

Tired of getting or sending unwieldy “reply-all” style emails to a group you’re part of? Dispatch makes it super easy to set up a single email address for your group instead. Rather than creating a disjointed series of emails, Dispatch gives your team discussions a place to live outside of your inbox. You won’t have to hoard messages anymore or worry about keeping track of things.

Dispatch also goes beyond basic messaging. You can create notes, post links and even share files from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or Box. Any updates you make to the work you post will immediately be available to your team inside the dispatch.

When someone makes a new post, everyone gets an email. You’ll only receive replies via email if:

  •    You made the post
  •    You reply to the post
  •    Someone mentions you using an ‘@’ and your username
  •    You click “Follow” next to the post

I talked to one of the guys on the Dispatch team in NYC, Alex Godin, and I wish these guys well. Reply-alls are terrible and hopefully this will be a solution to the problem!

Cost: Free