Easily Track Mileage & Expenses With Taxbot

It’s tax time (ugh!). If you log a lot of billable miles for work, you will surely appreciate Taxbot at this time of year. The app (for iPhone, Android and web) let’s you track your business mileage using your phone’s GPS. To do so, you must launch the app first and type in your destination. Then Taxbot will magically track and record the mileage. It also lets you snap photos of receipts and store them in the cloud. At tax time, you can print reports of all your business expenses to deduct them on your tax return.

Here’s the rub—it’s not cheap. However, as part of the monthly fee, you also get access to a bunch of tax-saving video lessons from financial expert Sandy Botkin. He advises businesses on things like how to deduct 100% of your medical expenses and reduce your risk of an IRS audit. In addition, you can link your bank account or credit cards, and Taxbot will look for deductions you might have missed and allow you to import them.

Cost: Free 2-week trial using the link above , then $19.99/month