Email and CRM In One System

If you have limited time and money to invest in both email marketing and a CRM system, you’ll want to check out Fanbase.

It combines the best elements of email campaign management (think Mailchimp or Constant Contact) and CRM (like Salesforce), at very affordable prices. Already using another email system? No problem—you can import your records from a CVS file.

Fanbase makes it easy to create signup forms to capture new leads or newsletter subscribers. Best of all, you can use the system to send drip campaigns. That means you can create campaigns once that automatically go out to new subscribers.

If you don’t even have a website, Fanbase has low-cost, predesigned templates (and hosting on the WordPress platform). Depending on the plan you choose, Fanbase will also include a predetermined number of monthly updates to your site.

Cost:  $14.95 to $44.95/month for email and CRM features. Website development and hosting starts at $299 (one-time fee) and $29.95/month.