Remember Everything With Evernote

Ever wish you could double or triple your brain’s capacity to remember important things? That’s sort of what Evernote does. It’s one of my favorite multi-purpose programs. Many people become pretty hooked after using it for awhile. With it, you can easily:
  • Save and share notes about anything, from the web, a desktop app or your smartphone
  • Add photos and audio notes
  • Instantly search text throughout all of your notes—including text that appears within photos (amazing!)
  • Save and organize the content of web articles your read
  • Tag entries with keywords
  • Share your notes and notebooks with others
EvernoteThere’s so much Evernote can do! Over time, it will become a personal encyclopedia of all the stuff you don’t want to forget. I’ve been a premium user for a few years—it gives me a lot more storage space, better offline access and top priority tech support.

Cost: Free or Premium account ($5/month or $45/year). They are also introducingEvernote Business accounts in December at $10/per person/month.
Bonus Evernote Goodness
Even better, there are a bunch of other apps that extend Evernote’s functionality. Here are a few of my favorites:
Evernote Clearly
Evernote Clearly is a life-changing browser plugin (Chrome) that lets you take any web page and instantly strip away all the extraneous photos and ads—leaving you with a gorgeous, easy-to-read page. To save it, simply click a button and it will send the whole clean page to your Evernote account. For premium Evernote users, there is now button that will read the page to you out loud! (Cue the female robot…)
Before Evernote Clearly:Evernote Clearly

With Evernote Clearly:
Evernote Clearly

Cost: Free
Everbot is an new Chrome plugin that brings Evernote functionality to Gmail, Outlook and Google Calendar. It will allow you to easily share individual notes or entire notebooks when composing an email (note: this is a very easy way to make a shareable web page). You can also save email content you received straight into your Evernote account.Using Everbot in Gmail:

EverbotExample of a Shared Evernote Page:

Evernote page shared with Everbot

Cost: Free


Everclip is a great app for iPhone users. It enables you to capture website text and images from your phone to Evernote. Just launch the app and as you surf web pages, copy any text or images you want to save. You’ll hear a beep, indicating your selection was saved to the Everclip clipboard. Later, just go back to Everclip and send the clips along with any tags you add to your Evernote account. Before I found Everclip, I had a tedious workaround of emailing links to my Evernote account, then revisiting the link later and re-saving the full page’s content. Everclip makes it so much easier to save information from the iPhone!

Cost: $1.99