Experiment. Risk. Repeat.

Whoever said you had to follow the rules was a fool.

For much of life, there are no rules. Laws, yes, but that’s not what I mean. I mean rules as in, you have to do X to get Y. Or this is the way so-and-so does it, so you need to do it this way.

Forget that.

I think everything’s an experiment, and instead of worrying about the rules we should be worrying about continually refining our efforts to see what happens.

I think about this every time I read Seth Godin‘s blog posts. They are always short, with no images. And he doesn’t take comments so he doesn’t waste time and energy reacting to them. His blog itself is not even at his “main” URL, but on a Typepad island.

None of that, however, prevents Seth from remaining a megastar in the pantheon of big thinkers and writers. He made his own set of rules.

In the excellent forthcoming book The Impact Equation (by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith), Seth’s blog is just one example of iconoclasts who use different methods and platforms to get their ideas across. It’s a worthwhile and challenging read. It won’t give you a precise set of tools and steps to become famous, but it will remind you that much of it comes down to creating your own formulas and experimenting…all the time.

Without action, there can be no reaction. Be bold, knock around your ideas in different ways and learn from the process.