Find Someone’s Email Address With Rapportive

By now, you may already know about Rapportive. It’s a great addition to a Gmail account (or Google apps email). At a glance, it will give you links to your contacts’ social media sites and even a few of their recent updates.

But what I really love Rapportive for is its slightly-hidden secret in helping you discover virtually anyone’s email address in minutes. If you are in sales and marketing (who isn’t?), this is invaluable, since getting to someone’s inbox directly can be golden.

Basically, whenever you start to type an email in Gmail, if the address is a “match” in Rapportive, you will instantly see their information in the sidebar. That’s great, but how do you find out someone’s email in the first place? You could attempt to guess it, but that is hit-or-miss and time consuming.

The fastest and best way I’ve found is to use a killer spreadsheet called an email pemutator, together with Rapportive. This allows you to quickly generate a bunch of potential combinations of someone’s email address, which you then plug into Gmail to validate.

Rather than explain this in detail, read this comprehensive blog post from Distilled. Just follow the directions (watch the video) and click the link to get the free Google Doc spreadsheet that you’ll need. I promise, this stuff works like magic. But as they say in the post, “With great power comes great responsibility.” You wouldn’t want to use this to spam people, and you better have a great reason to email someone out of the blue who doesn’t know you!

Cost: Free