Focus On Your Best Output

best self

I love the New Year. It’s like a giant reset button every 365 days.

There were a lot of things I wanted to reset from last year. But I’m not dwelling on them.

What I am doing is refocusing on my Best in 2018. What Best means to me:

  • Using my Best talents on a daily basis
  • Making the Best use of my time
  • Find the Best way(s) of providing value
  • Spending time with the Best people (friends, family, clients, others) who support, inspire and nurture me
  • Working on being the Best husband, father, professional and friend

If I were to grade my own outputs from the past year…my biggest failures were the times I spent doing things that didn’t align with my greater purpose in life and what brings the most value to myself and others.

  • I avoided some challenges I really wanted to pursue, like doing more videos. (I let myself feel inadequate and anxious about what “other people” would think. Including people close to me.)
  • Meanwhile, I also wasted time on “interesting” vs. vital pursuits. I had to continually remind myself of this…which is increasingly difficult in our always-on, always-connected culture.

I’m excited about the fresh calendar ahead. What about you? How are you planning to be your Best self this year?

Photo credit: Steve Halama on Unsplash