Learn How To Pronounce Words Properly With Forvo

You say Po-TA-to, I say Po-TAH-to…so who’s correct?

Turn to Forvo to learn the proper pronunciation of any word—even something crazy like pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism.

Forvo has a lot of neat features for word nerds:

  • Listen to pronunciations in 306 languages or by topical categories
  • Add words you don’t know how to pronounce
  • Keep track of your added and pronounced words
  • Create your own favorite pronunciations list
  • Download mp3 audio pronunciations

Cost: Free

Brandon Uttley is a seasoned web marketing and public relations professional with three decades of experience.

Currently, he is CEO of Go For Launch, which provides marketing strategy and communications support to companies ranging from startups to established entities.

Prior to his current roles, Uttley cofounded and was CEO of Command Partners, a digital marketing agency. He also confounded and was president of carbonhouse, inc., a nationally recognized web design firm.

Uttley also served as director of public relations at Luquire George Andrews for five years, and an account manager at Epley Associates/Public Relations for three years. Brandon was the 2009 president of the Charlotte chapter of Public Relations Society of America, and he is an accredited member of PRSA National.

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