Stuck In Suck Mode As A Blogger? Learn To Improve From The Best

Face it, your blog is probably not where you want it to be.

I know mine isn’t.

I don’t blog enough and I make too many excuses why I don’t/can’t. But the fact is, most of my excuses are lame—and there’s no reason I shouldn’t be more disciplined and focused in my blogging efforts.

If you find yourself sucking at blogging and wondering how to get out of the rut, look no further than the Blog Topics Master Class, taught by none other than Chris Brogan. Chris is a New York Times bestselling author whose blog is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150.

Despite the fact that I often have “Brogan envy,” I subscribe to his newsletter and read tons of what he puts out. He’s inspiring and obviously knows what he’s doing. And apparently his brain is hardwired to a keyboard to produce an obscene amount of content. Still, he does a lot to empower other people to do more with their time and talents.

I encourage you to click the banner below (sponsored link) to learn more about how to blog like Brogan. I guarantee if you take his advice, you will suck less.