How To Remember The People You Meet

Evernote Hello

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Do you meet a lot of people in person? Do you ever have trouble remembering their names and faces, and where you last met them? If so, Evernote Hello might the app for you.

Andy Cordia of Nuance Labs recently reminded me about Evernote Hello. Now, I love Evernote (the flagship product), but I admit I just haven’t been smitten with Evernote Hello. However, it has some neat features—so I keep hoping the app (for iPhone and Android) will improve to the point where I think about using it regularly.

Essentially, it is a way to add information about people you meet, and later review when you met and what you were doing. You can do this by connecting someone (in the app) via your social networks or by entering their information manually. I personally would do this myself, although I would feel weird saying, “Hey, let me enter your contact info…just hang on a minute…” Even weirder is the suggestion to “pass your phone” to the person and ask them to enter their info. No way, Jose!

There is a potentially promising feature in the app called Hello Connect, in which several people launch it at the same time and instantly beam each others’ information to the group. That sounds like a great idea in theory…but I doubt many people have this app. Perhaps if you promoted it ahead of time for a big event, it would be worth reminding people to use it at regular intervals.

Finally, you can use it to scan someone’s business card later—though personally I find CardMunch much better for this—and that app (free for iPhone only) can more easily add the information to your phone’s address book.

Cost: Free