Improve Your Online Security With Better Passwords

Let’s face it: when it comes to creating online passwords, most of us are pretty lazy. We either use passwords that any half-way talented hacker could break in 10 minutes, or we re-use the same password in too many places. I am especially guilty of the latter, but am trying to fix this.
It’s time we all take online passwords more seriously, and encourage others do the same!
Good magazine wrote about the growing and disturbing trend of sites getting hacked, and millions of passwords being compromised from companies as “safe” as LinkedIn, Yahoo and Apple. This is must-reading and includes an essential password security checklist from Lifehacker.

As a Mac user, I use 1Password to create obscenely long, uncrackable passwords for most sites I sign up for. Using a browser plugin or their smart phone app, I can easily retrieve these and automatically log into sites. I have also used the web-based LastPass, which is equally good. There are other tools out there—so I encourage you to pick one that will work for you.
Meanwhile, I am going to stop the habit of recycling the same password…it’s just not worth it these days.