Listen To Blog Posts On The Go

If you love reading articles about your profession or passions but don’t have enough time, you may flip for SoundGecko. This unique service lets you easily convert any online article into an MP3 file then listen when you’re commuting to work, running or wherever.
You start by creating a free account. Then when you see a Web article you like, you can either email the link to or use a Chrome extension to convert the article. It will send an MP3 file to your email, and you can also listen using their iPhone or Windows Phone app (an Android version is coming soon). You can also subscribe to one or more RSS feeds, which is a great way to get any new articles sent to you automatically.

The vocal quality sometimes leaves a little to be desired (like all computer-generated voices), but it’s getting better. I’ve found SoundGecko is great for skimming through articles and deciding which ones are worth reading more carefully later.

I plan to start adding an audio version of some my blog posts using their service as well.

Cost: Free (up to 30 articles per day and one RSS feed) and paid plans ranging from $4.95-$7.95/month.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to listen to this post in SoundGecko.