Make Meetings More Productive

Admit it—most meetings you attend are terrible, for several reasons. One, they are too long (there’s no app to fix that yet!). Two, there’s no clear agenda. And three, there’s no good summary of what was discussed and what should happen next.

WorkLife (formerly MeetingHero) aims to make meetings more productive, with collaborative tools to help get everyone on the same page.

Using WorkLife, you can sync your meetings from Google Calendar (other calendars are coming soon). Here’s where it gets cool: every meeting now gets its own “Work Room,” where attendees you invite can access and add to key items such as an Agenda, Decisions, Action Items, Notes, Private Notes and Open Issues.

You can set it to automatically send all attendees the agenda 15 minutes before the meeting. During meetings, take notes on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. After meetings end, you can send a summary to everyone by email, post to Google Drive or Slack*, or copy everything to your clipboard.

If more people used WorkLife, meetings would (hopefully) be a lot more productive and efficient.

Cost: Free while in beta

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Source: Cool Tech Tools