Mind Mapping For Fun And Profit

I love using mind maps to quickly and visually brainstorm new ideas. I find them much more effective than traditional outlines (except for the amazing Workflowy outlining app—which is also worth checking out!).

My favorite mind mapping software is Mindmeister. It is available online, as well as in versions for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Mindmeister makes it easy to create and also share your maps with others so you can get their input. A very neat feature is the ability to make your maps public, which can be great for search engine optimization. One mind map I created called Social Media Framework is ranked high on page one of Google for that phrase and has been viewed 76,675 times!

Cost: Free (up to three maps); then $4.99-$14.99/month for more maps, users and additional features (I use the $4.99/month version)