Advanced Business Card Scanning With ScanBizCards

Got piles of business cards you need to do something about? Do you dread having to input them manually into your contacts database?

ScanBizCards is a great app for iOS, Android and Windows devices (along with a companion website) to solve this problem for you.

ScanBizCards goes beyond other apps that simply scan in the information from a business card so you can create a new contact record. While it does this with ease, it offers a host of other options, including:

  • Scan cards on the go with their smartphone app, then scan or edit the contact details later while sitting at your computer
  • Choose to add them instantly to your phone’s address book, or wherever your default contacts reside (like iCloud)
  • Use their WebSync online backup service to save your scanned business card images and contact information online, so you can access them from anywhere
  • Export scanned cards directly into Salesforce as new Leads or Contacts from within the app
  • Take pictures of business cards with any camera or a flatbed scanner, then upload and scan these images online using WebSync
  • Import and export business cards to Evernote
  • Transfer cards between your different mobile devices (iPad, Android, iPhone), and also between different versions of the app (lite and premium)
  • Use a Dymo CardScan device and sync your cards with your mobile phone
  • View your cards in new ways using an online Map View (in beta)

Cost: The iPhone app is currently discounted to $3.99. Purchase the iPad version, ScanBizCards HD ($9.99 USD) and get 1 year of WebSync free. The pricing for Websync is $0.99 USD per month or $9.99 USD for a full year.

Thanks to Garth Moulton and Michael Barclay of ScanBizCards for turning me on to the product.