Schedule Appointments Within Gmail

Scheduling a meeting with someone can be such a pain…resulting in a lot of back-and-forth emails just to figure out each other’s schedules. solves this dilemma, allowing you to easily schedule meetings when you compose an email! It is an addition to personal and corporate Gmail and Google Calendar accounts. Once installed, with just a few clicks inside an email, you can select up to three adjacent days of availability on your calendar. After clicking “insert times in email,” your recipient will get a link asking them to pick a time that works. will send you and your recipient an email when an event has been scheduled or rescheduled.

Best of all, your recipient doesn’t have to sign up for anything—and they can use any calendar system (Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) on any device (Android, iPhone, etc.).

Right now, only works for scheduling a meeting between two people—but they are working on group scheduling.

A few other features provides:

  • It continually monitors your availability and will work with your recipient to find a commonly available time (even one you suggested that is no longer available)
  • It remembers your most common meeting locations and availability, so you can schedule a meeting quickly
  • It will automatically detect and convert your recipient’s time zone

Cost: Free while in beta