Send SMS and Voice Reminders

If you want a better way to remind clients about upcoming appointments,JustRemindIt is an excellent system. It let’s you schedule and send automated reminders by voice or text message.

And by clients, that could mean many people:

  • Colleagues you work with (who are forgetful)
  • Clients you serve through your business
  • Prospects you are meeting with
  • Family members (such as someone who needs to be reminded to take their medicine)
  • Coaching clients (who pay you to keep them on task, exercise regularly, etc.)

All you have to do is enter the recipient’s name, phone number and timezone. Then enter some reminder details by simply typing a message and setting the time you want to send it. You’ll have the option to select either Voice Call or SMS. You can speed up the process using templates or by setting recurring reminders. 

They also have an iPhone app to make it easy to set up and send reminders on the go.

Cost: There is a free plan that provides five free reminders per month; small business plans range from $9.99 per month for 65 reminders, $19.99 for 150 reminders or $39.99 for 350 reminders. The business plans let you create custom greeting messages, show your company’s phone number on caller ID and send repeat reminders to the same clients.