Send Video Messages To Customers and Prospects

You love sending short videos messages to friends and family…so why not try the professional equivalent by sending videos to your customers or prospects?

Vsnap is an app for iPhone and Android that let’s you create and send short, personal video messages.The company claims that when you reach a customer using Vsnap, that person takes action 40% more than someone you email.

Each Vsnap is 60 seconds max. You can send a Vsnap to to anyone with an email address, or share message through social media. Recipients do not have to download anything or register, and they can watch your videos on any browser.

The Vsnap website stores your videos and provides real-time analytics so you can see when and how your customers engage.

Special thanks to Brandi Mills for telling me about Vsnap.

Cost: Free and premium versions ($180 or $600 per user/year for advanced analytics, email and branding options)