Take Advantage of Text Messaging For Business

Message Media

Did you know that nearly 98% of all SMS messages are read, and 90% are read within the first three minutes of being received?

If you have a business and you’re not using text messaging, you could be missing lots of opportunities to reach your customers. It’s easier and cheaper to do  than you might think!

Message Media is one of the leading text messaging companies. Using Message Media, you can reach customers who might typically ignore (or even miss) emails. (Note: I don’t have any affiliation with the company).

Message Media lets you save templates of the information you want to send, as well as a database of recipients’ cell numbers. Of course, you need permission before you text customers the first time.

I know someone who told meit used to take one of their staff people at least eight hours a week to track down late payers. Now, they just send a text message to late payers every day or so—and it takes about two minutes to set up and send a bulk message. They also use SMS for birthday greetings, new client welcome messages and more.

Other good SMS services to check out include CallFireEz Texting and JustRemindIt.

Costs: Rates will vary depending on volume, but generally they are in the range of $0.02-$.0.07 per message. Some services also have a monthly fee.