Think Social, Go Mobile

By the end of 2012, close to 82 million US mobile users will use a social networking site on their phone at least once a month, according to eMarketer. That’s more than a quarter of the total US population.

The study indicates that 95.5% will be checking social sites on a smartphone.  Smartphone users are almost twice as likely as overall mobile phone users to check social sites. By 2014, eMarketer estimates, nearly half of the total US mobile population will be using mobile devices for social networking.

Facebook is tops for most mobile social networkers. Almost 70 million people will access Facebook from their phones each month this year, or 85.4% of the overall mobile social networking population. That will rise to 87.4% by 2014, when nearly four in 10 mobile users and almost two-thirds of smartphone users will check Facebook on mobile devices.

What does this mean for marketers?

Clearly, mobile is gaining in preference. As more people check social sites via smartphones,  marketers will need to keep readability top of mind. Twitter was and still is right: Short is sweet. Long text or videos will get lost in the digital clutter, as people squint and scan their way through the social stream.

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