Track Online Statistics From Over 100 Sites

These days, you’re crazy not to be tracking the stats on how people engage with your company online. Increasingly, this is happening on multiple devices, with data that could impact many systems, from your CRM to your ecommerce platform, email marketing system, etc.

Getting all those systems to “talk” to each other in real-time used to be a tedious, technical process. changes the game, with a platform that sends stats to over 100 sites and counting, allowing you to track anything, from purchases and views to clicks and upgrades. gobbles up data from websites or mobile apps, translates it as needed, and then passes that on to other analytics tools. It replaces complicated integrations with a single, simple one. In the process, it saves development time, reduces bugs, preserves data integrity and let’s you easily try out new analytics tools just by “flipping a switch.”

Cost: $29/$79/$349/month