Track Your Freelance Goals With Harpoon

As a freelancer, have you struggled to figure out your financial goals, much less track them easily? Then Harpoon may be perfect for you.
Harpoon is a financial planning and metrics app designed for freelancers. It helps freelancers answer vexing questions, such as:
  • When do I schedule my next project?
  • Should I be making more money this quarter?
  • Am I on track to meet my yearly goal?
  • Should I speed things up?
  • When can I take a vacation?
  • Is it time to raise my rates?
It comes with a lot of pretty and powerful dashboards to help you take control of your financial projections. You can also use it to track your time and invoice clients.
Cost: $14/$24/$34 per month (scales depending on the number of clients you include)