Add Captions, Notes And Transcripts To Videos

If you use video to market your business, chances are you have a ton of great SEO value lurking in your content. Unfortunately, unless you include a transcription, all those great keywords will be hidden from Google. Plus, it’s always nice to include notes alongside the video for those who want to refer to the main points, URLs referenced, etc. Finally, you may want to consider using video captions for your customers and prospects who are hearing impaired.

Unfortunately, transcribing videos or creating captions can be challenging. Good news, though, there are a number of services that can help make the process less painful.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Veed online video editor

Veed is a web-based video editor. It’s the easiest way to create engaging videos for your social media channels. Grow your audience and boost engagement with Veed’s video caption generator that automatically convert your audio recordings into text captions. Make your videos look cinematic with animated effects and transitions. Veed is perfect for sharing videos on social media, blogs and websites.

Cost: Free version (two paid plans starting at $12/month)


CaptionTube is a service that let’s you add captions to YouTube videos only. It is a DIY service. Just sign up for an account and enter the URL of the video you want to transcribe. A workspace will then pop up where you can start and stop the video as you add captions. When you are finished, you can export a file that is ready to upload to your YouTube account.

Cost: Free