WordPress Security And Management

Many people and companies love to use WordPress to power their personal or professional website. But as great as WordPress is, it is also very prone to attack from hackers. Because WordPress is free and there are many cheap hosting companies, many sites get compromised on a daily basis. Believe me, it’s no fun when this happens—and it can cause you a lot of grief.
So if you use or are considering WordPress, here are two excellent resources to protect your valuable online assets:


ManageWP  is a service lets you manage one or multiple WordPress sites you own through a single dashboard. (Hat tip to Corey Creed of Hippo Internet Marketing for telling me about this site.)
One of the biggest challenges of WordPress is keeping your site current with the latest versions of the core software as well as any plugins you install. ManageWP will make it easier to do these tasks.
ManageWP also provides automated backups and monitoring. An impressive feature is their integration with Sucuri, the leader in security for WordPress sites.
Cost: Free to low-cost options depending on the number of sites you host (see their pricing page for details)
CodeGuard is another good solution for daily monitoring and backups of your WordPress site(s). While there are do-it-yourself options and plugins for these functions, I think it’s imperative to have a more formal back-up solution in place so you don’t run the risk of losing your precious web content and files for any reason.

CodeGuard’s big benefit is allowing you to “roll back” to a previous version, if anything should mess up when you upgrade to a new version of WordPress.

Cost: $5-$299/month depending on the number of sites